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It’s That Time of Year

I haven’t done one of these in a long time, but I feel this is probably the time to post what I am thinking. This time of month, a lot of people are gearing up for multiple things here in the United States.  We are just over a week from Thanksgiving, the holiday shopping season is upon us, joy and happiness seems to be fill the minds of Americans.

There is another event that occurs each and every November. Specifically, November 20th, Transgender Day of Remembrance.  It is on this day each year, people gather at vigils across the country and beyond to mourn and to remember those who were killed, for simply being being themselves.

This will be the 5th TDOR (Transgender Day of Remembrance) I will be attending since coming out.  What is most painful to see, the list of murder don’t seem to shrink.  The numbers of those killed year over year on a graph would resemble that of a roller coaster.  One year, we will see murders down.  What follows the next year is the death spikes back up. The hopes that .

I’m personally  saddened by the fact that such a day exists in the first place.  I am saddened because, so many people are killed each year just because someone didn’t understand them or feared them.  These people are killed because of the stigma attached to anyone that is transgender.

Now, I know this isn’t the first time I’ve written on this issue. But, I feel that it’s worth trying to drive home. This community shouldn’t have to live in fear, that on any day, someone may act aggressive towards them, for simply being “different”. According to one article published this week, over 270 trans people were killed this year. Their crime, just being themselves.

When is this madness going to stop?  When will authorities step in and say enough is enough, and start treating these murder cases as a trend of an ongoing issue. How many more men and women have to fear these cases.  When do these assailants get the scapegoats yanked away from them, and they are prosecuted to the full extents of the law?

Issues like this have existed for other members of the LGBT community.  One of the most notable is Matthew Shepherd.  Let’s not forget, this was a gay man, who was killed in, what can presumed, as a premeditated murder. He was killed, simply because he was gay.  This was a murder which received national coverage, and brought attention to the hate crimes that are committed against the gay community.

How many more people need to die before that national coverage comes to the transgender community, and the hate this group of people receive on a regular basis. Sadly, it wasn’t one of the 270 plus people who were killed this year. Sadly, the pessimist in me doesn’t predict that martyr next year either. I can only hope I am wrong.

In the meantime, we must remind the public that transgender people are not all the different. We don’t want to fear the next corner we take is the last one we turn. There is nothing wrong with being friends, lovers, or more with a transperson. And, we really aren’t all the different from anyone else.