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Hyprocrites Surrounding ‘What Is Natural’.

Here comes one of the most dreaded questions a transwoman can deal with?   Are you pre-op or post-op.  And of course there are so many people that are fascinated with someone’s genitals.  That alone is a topic that boggles my mind, and might be of a future blog, but for now, I want to focus in on the question, and more importantly people that have a problem with transwomen that get SRS, GRS, GCS, or whatever you may prefer to call the process.

Whenever a trans person is brought up in main stream media, and comments can be made on these content pieces, you will always find some idgit that is stuck on the idea that someone would want their undesired penis converted into a desired vagina.  Often people will state that this is not right, or this is not natural, or what have you.  To those people, I want to present the few things to consider.

Most of the time, comments like this come from men.  That is, cisgender, male identified individuals who could never imagine harming their penis in way.  Furthermore, a lot of those men would most likely be attracted to women and identify as straight.  Now, how many of those men would complain if a woman they are attracted to has breast implants?  I am going to guess not very many, and that would woman would have some eye contact issues with those guys.  If this is the case, those men have become hypocrites.  In one case a woman has desired to enhance her bust, and will most likely leave guys with a small puddle of drool at their feet.  This is considered acceptable in those individuals’ eyes.  On the other hand, there’s a woman that is trying to correct a birth defect where her chromosomes told her body to put her genitals on the outside of her, instead where they belong.  Just because this is something those guys would never consider doing to a body part they are comfortable with, they deem this unacceptable.  How wrong is it to think that way?  I believe it’s quite wrong.  After all, one surgery is no more natural then the other.

Another argument regarding what is natural would be other products that become parts of our lives?  Hair color, food, make-up, push-up bras, bodies with no body hair, shaped eye brows, glasses, braces, medical prescriptions, and many more are all parts of peoples’ lives, and these are NOT natural by any means of imagination.  But surely for corrective purposes; glasses, braces, casts or splints, prescriptions, and more are used to correct an issue with the human body.  These things are not only accepted, but encouraged to correct whatever may be wrong.  Even other surgeries such as an open heart surgery is strong encouraged to fix a broken heart.  Yet a surgery to correct a disfigured genital area is wrong in the eyes of these people.  Make up, hair color, push-up bras, shaving, eye brow trimming/shaping, are also not natural!  But these are done to enhance a person’s appearance and is considered acceptable.  Hell, the food we eat can be processed, grown on commercial farms, or mass produced.  This nourishment is not natural, but again this is acceptable.

S0 unless you are a person who grows/raises their own food, goes not groom, doesn’t use cosmetics, doesn’t use anything beyond herbal remedies that’s recommended by a apothecary, and will not under go any type of surgeries to correct anything that is broken in your body, using the argument that GRS, SRS, GCS is not natural is a hypocritical, piece a garbage that should be thrown out with your McDonald’s food wrappers.

Lastly, if someone considers the surgery to be cosmetic, so be it.  Are you going to live it, most likely not?  So why should you care if someone else finds it necessary?  It doesn’t affect your feeble little life in any way.  That unless you’re too chicken to admit that you can’t do what a post-op transwoman had the proverbial balls to do; be themselves, and get what they want fixed.