Thankful For People Around Me In Transition

Transition can be difficult things a person could do in their life.  Changing their body and image of the gender they were assigned at birth to become more of a person on the exterior that matches their interior.  What can make it even more difficult is being alienated from friends and family, the possibility that their employer will not support the change and find a way to terminate them.   For those folks, transition is extremely difficult and can be bitter sweet.

I on the other the other hand have been beyond fortunate.  I don’t mean this to brag, but to take this opportunity to thank everyone in my life that effects it regularly.  When I finally started to come to terms with being transgender 3 years ago, I was terrified to know what my friends, family would think.  I shutter the thought that, if I did transition, would I still have my job?  Then after my first public outing, Halloween, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  How was it that I found it to be safe to do this, with the help of my friends Kate and Leah. You were my first friends to know of my internal struggle and accepted me for it.

Two and a half months later, I was outed to two people.  They were very meant to know, but I am eternally grateful that these two came to know more about me.  Mistique and Amanda, you two got me out into the world and gave me my first experiences as a woman.  You let me grow, learn and adapt to who I really am.  Through you I have met a plentiful amount of people who accepted me and again allowed me to explore and experience a role and a life I was growing accustom to.  Now, the girls, Monday night is always a thrill.  No matter what happens during our ventures out to the bar, each Monday getting dolled up with you is always a highlight of my week.

My family  of course was another concern.  The first person to know was my sister.  Then father, mother, then brother.  Again I was surprised and fortunate.  Despite difficulties, my sister said she would always support me, my mother who said I would always be her child.  My brother who said, it was not his burden, so then not a problem.  Now my mother is learning to adapter to a second daughter, and a sister who is adapting to having a sister.   The fact my family chooses to support me and love me still is amazing, instead of giving up hope and alienating me.  Now, even an uncle and cousins are learning about me, and once more, they are pulling through and surprising me, supporting me and still acting as family.  Sam, thank you for being a great cousin.  Mom, you have done so much, listened, allowed me to cry.  There’s a saying a girl’s first friend is her mother, and as I could come to say I am a girl, you are my friend.  Kris, you have gone to a level that astounds me.  To know that I will be a bridesmaid brings tears of happiness nearly each time I think of it.

My co-workers and manager are also among the people, whom after learning of my trans-identity, accepted me.  Instead of angry, hostility, or punishment; I was met with understanding.  As I transition on the job, I’m met with difficulties, as are you guys.  Getting questioned regularly about being a man or woman, hostilities of the less-understanding can be a pain in the ass.  But not just that, each person as gone to some degree of learning.  All of your instead of turning, instead asked questions, desired to learn.  What’s better is each question I’ve been faced with are GOOD QUESTIONS.  I’ve enjoyed answering all your questions and allowed you to at least understand my trans-identity.  The fact that we’re at a point where we can even crack jokes, (No, I don’t throw like a girl…but nice try Brenna.) is a level of acceptance and comfort that few trans-people are greeted with.  Thank you for your acceptance, and I hope that when I return to work as Michele, that does not change.

My point of sharing this is to first, thank everyone that has touched my life positively in the past 3 years.  If I went through and listed off everyone, this blog would be the size of a book.  Secondly, I wanted to put it out there, that if you are transgender, and you’re struggling through this coming out part.  I can say that not all people are bigots.  A lot of people are great, it’s a matter of finding them.  If you did not have the same results as I did, I may not be surprised as I have been beyond fortunate.  But, you can rest assured that people are out there that would accept you.  Just don’t be afraid to find them.


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