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Trans-Individuals in the Public Eye

It seems that news headlines are filling with a lot of scandals, controversy and celebrity gossip.  Some of frequent gossip involves celebs who come out of the closet and admit they are homosexual.  A new trend has started though, one that involves the coming out of people who are transsexual.  It seems to become more and more known that transsexuals are indeed already around us and are more abundant then previously thought.

Despite the spot light being on individuals like Chaz Bono, other people are making it known we’re not alone.  The most recent trans out of the closet individual is Tom Gabel.  Gabel, for those that don’t know who this person is, is the lead singer of Punk Rock group Against Me.  Gabel told Rolling Stone Magazine that medical procedures are starting (most likely HRT) and will be change her name to Laura Jane Grace.

Well, Ms Grace, welcome to transhood!  This lead singer is not the only person that has come out as a transsexual, EA Sports producer John Worrall became Kelly Worrall and recently was published in the Vancouver Courier and later made it to Kotaku.

“That time leading up to the actual transition was very important to me,” Worrall told The Vancouver Courier. “It was a time where I felt reassured because I could see the steps that [the human resources department] was taking to build the environment where I would be protected, and that was my big concern.

“Am I going to be laughed out of every meeting?” Worrall wondered. “Is everyone going to be staring at me the whole time? The answer to that] is yes, by the way. There’s nothing you can do about that.”

Despite the reputation that EA has as a publisher, the way that the company handled a personal issue with an employee was exemplary.  Other companies can fall inline with those coming outs and how its handled and though a lot of public figures are free-lanced to some degree, the fact those people still are still seen in the work force, a kudos must be given to those organizations to forgo the taboo and allow those people to work.

Since we are speaking of the public eye, let’s throw my name in the hat as well.  Now anyone that made their way to this blog by normal means will say, Michele, we already know your trans.  I would agree that its common knowledge at that point.  But what a lot of you don’t know is I commonly use my male name, Mike, as pen name for a lot of work since its associated to previous editor positions and awards.  I currently work for a UK based site under my male name, I am also the editor of which a state-side based video game website/podcast.

That’s right, in the public eye I just made it known that the personality known as Grethade, the deeply sounding voice on that podcast is the same person as the lady like sound of Michele that appeared on the Game on Girl podcast and my own video blog.  I can tell you that my teams at both websites are supportive and have been great going through the steps of my transition with me.

Now, because of that reveal that doesn’t mean I am going to be all en femme, all the time in publications.  I like to think that persona, if you would, is a way to hold onto a part of who I was and actually enjoyed about myself.  So I am going to keep acting out that persona, despite who I truly am and becoming.