Wow, Interactions Seem to Get More and More Interesting

Its interesting what kind of reactions I get from trans-people when I talk about transitioning on the job here.  A retail job has me in the face of customers everyday.  Some people understand a job, is a hob, is a job.  But other individuals marvel in the fact I do this.  I never understood this was such a shocker.  But now, with some of the interactions I’ve had of late; its make wonder if the surprised people have had their own experiences similar to my own.

The first one interaction that caught me off guard was early last week.  It was slow at work and I was working on something on my terminal and a co-worker had a couple at her terminal, the customers also had a couple younger children with then.  One of the little girls was looking at me a little trying to figure me out, and bravely walked up to me and straight out asked, are you a boy or a girl?  All I could think is, “Now, it begins.”   So I stopped what I was doing and leaned on the counter to talk back to this little girl, and I asked back, “What do you think?”  Now before I go any further, I want to make it a point to say that its been a few days since I’ve gone anywhere other than work, and I am not a person who will tear the shit out of my face with a shaver.  Needless to say I was a little scruffy.  With that said the girl looked at my for a few minutes, and with a smile said, “you’re a girl!”  I smiled a little and replied, “what about the hairs on my face?”  She thought about that for a few minutes, and told me that it didn’t matter.  So I asked why she thought I was a girl, “because you smile a lot.”  I retorted, “but boys smile too.”  She had a big grin a told me, “You smile different, you seem happy.”  Her mom came and got her by that point, but she was right, I was happy.

Just a couple days later, I had another interesting discussion.  I was  doing a credit check for a customer, as I was talking to consumer credit rep, I could see my customer just looking at my hair.  Near the end of the call, she finally said, “I’ve never seen a guy with hair like yours.”  I tiled my head a little and asked what she meant.  “Your hair, it falls like a ladies’ hair.”  I was a little dumbfounded and wasn’t sure what to  say.  I finally replied, “I condition well?”  She quickly told me that wasn’t it, there was definitely something else at work.

I even had a Jack-Ass I kicked out my store and as I was yelling telling him to leave (in my really deep boomy voice.) I apparently didn’t even sound like a guy.  Well; I guess I am out of luck at trying to hide in plain sight at work.  Regardless of what I do, you can certainly see the changes that my body has.





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