Two Years of Being Out Authentically

Everyone sets and celebrate milestones in their life.  People celebrate anniversaries, achievements and anything in between.  I recently had a chance to celebrate one those milestones.  On a recent Monday, as per my weekly tradition, I went to my favorite Monday Night hang-out.  This night was different though, the reason for its difference is because of what that meant.   Two years ago on the same Monday of the month, I made my way out into the world as Michele for the first time.

I remember my first night out on the town.  It was a snow filled day as I was out trying to get items put together for what I was wearing that night.  I met with my friend Molly up at the store I work at to go out and gather all together.  I was still pretty timid about the idea of buying anything that appeared to be female for myself, so Molly came to shop and to be my safety net in purchases.

First stop, Mall of America.  We went to a couple stores to try and find an outfit, we ended up at Hot Topic of all place to find something.  (To clarify, Monday nights are goth nights at the bar I go to.)  So now with outfits out of the way, its matter of trying to find a wig.  Believe it or not, my hair was always cut to 3/8″ for 8 years, so a wig was a must!  Molly and I navigated our way around the blowing snow which led us to a couple different wig shops.  We didn’t see anything I liked and we rang out of time before these stores were closed.

Not sure of what to do, we went back to Molly’s house to figure out what to do regarding my hair.  I know cis-gender women can have haircuts like that too, but with all the other tells, I didn’t want to completely look like a man in dress.  Molly took it upon herself to scrounge around her room and found a wig for me to wear.

After the wig discovery, we went to our friend’s apartment to get ready.  I changed, got my wig place (after a lengthy combing that the other three ladies insisted on doing) and one deep breath before going out the door.   The four of us made our way to the saloon, and the rest is history.

To elaborate on what’s happened after that night, I met several people as Michele, a lot of them are sweet and supportive.  To mark my two years, a lot of celebrated with me, and that is just the first of many milestones this year.



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